A year of transition

A few things have happened since the last time I published here. I moved across the country, sold a place, bought a place, started renovations, survived the worst winter, became the sole provider for my family, and did lots of coding. My kid turned 2. My company turned 1. Every aspect of my life got upended, and it was a lot.

Even though these enormous changes were for the best reasons, because we chose to make them, it was stressful and hard and most days my only goal was to just. keep. going. It’s crazy how draining moving your whole life is, and worrying about whether or not the giant holes in the walls of your new home are safe for your infant to be around, and how much health insurance costs, and what the best childcare setup is, and whether or not your business is going to survive. Not a lot of sleeping happens. I used every ounce of the little energy I did have to try to be the best spouse, parent, business partner, and manager I could possibly be. The aspects of my life that suffered were the usual suspects–self-care and creative projects (including this site).

Now, finally, it’s time to emerge from survival mode and get back to more sustainable living. For me that means at least a little bit more of writing down the stuff that’s on my mind, because that’s one of the best ways I can take care of myself and my sanity. Even if it’s just a paragraph a day. So it begins–let’s see how this goes.