Episode 282

TWiG Muppet fan art

Today's episode, the 282nd of This Week in Google, is my last as a regular weekly host. I am stepping away from hosting All About Android as well; next Tuesday will be my last episode there.

My beloved TWiG! My adored AAA! I miss them already, but the reason I decided to wrap things up is simple: we have ambitious plans at ThinkUp in 2015, and we’re running lean as ever, so I want to dedicate all my work hours to building the product and growing the business.

This was a hard decision, even though it's the right one. And whoa is it a big change. I've spent almost six years and over 400 hours streaming live video with Jeff and Leo, in IRC chatting with thousands of TWiT viewers every week, debating and laughing and teasing apart what is going on with the most interesting company in consumer web tech today. I've spent the past two years chatting about all things Android with Jason and Ron every Tuesday night, which felt more like hanging out with my pals than producing a show. In fact, through the years, all of my co-hosts have become my dear friends. I've been so privileged to have this opportunity at TWiT, and I'm sad that I won't be firing up my webcam and adjusting my lights and fighting with Skype settings twice a week anymore. (Well, maybe not the Skype part.)

But! I won't be a stranger. I'll check in on TWiG about once a month, and when I can, guest on AAA, so that will keep me from descending into a code hole never to be seen again.

Thanks again to Leo and Lisa, Jeff, Jason, and Ron for making my Tuesdays and Wednesdays so much brighter the the past six/two years. Even though it will be a weird transition in the coming months, it will be fun to get the enjoy the shows from the other side of the screen, as a viewer.